About Us

Our Mission

We, as humans, yearn for a taste of freedom, for a bit of adventure. But even the simplest adventure requires so much knowledge, expertise, planning and equipment that we are daunted and left not knowing where to even start.

Sure, the Internet is filled with advice and opinion, but much of it is geared to existing enthusiasts and it is all overwhelming. How can we separate wheat from chaff? How can we know whom to trust? It’s a catch-22: you already need to be an expert before you can begin.

But imagine you had a buddy who’s already been there and done that. Someone who already did the research and experimentation and knew what worked and what was a waste of money. He’d tell you what you really need, from gear to training to advice on destinations. After a few beers together, you’d have the confidence to get off your ass and the inspiration to keep going. A little bit of effort and you’re tasting freedom.

Adventure Monkey is that buddy. We’ve done the research, broken the cheap stuff and rejoiced over the useful. We only write about the stuff that’s useful and we only recommend what you really need. We don’t talk about the gear and equipment that comes in second place (unless it’s to tell you to steer clear).

We’ll also help you gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle your own adventure, no matter how big or small. Because tools are not what brings fulfillment. Using them is.

Adventure Monkey is not really a gear news or review site. Our mission is to give confidence, knowledge and inspiration. So look around. See what speaks to your soul and makes you feel free. And then get out and have an adventure.

And take a monkey along with you.