dmit it, you’ve given in to temptation this winter. You’ve looked around, sighed and snuck off to a private spot with your laptop. You visited sites you shouldn’t have, lusting after that which you can’t have, desperate for something new.

Well, G Adventures has been peeping at your browsing history because they’re running a January sale to get you to book your 2021 adventure trip NOW! So stop fantasizing about how an exotic locale compares to your potato-chip-covered WFH desk and get ready for some post-pandemic adventure travel.

One of the many people you won't meet on your G Adventures hike since this is a stock photo.

If tours are your thing, for the low-low deposit of $1, you can hit the Inca Trail this November, spend a couple weeks in Patagonia in October or head to Mongolia in June to live the nomadic life. Every continent has something new and fun to help you forget endless Zoom calls, pajama everydays and 3pm quarantinis.

They’ve also discounted the own-room surcharge and slashed some prices on a bunch of their trips, so dig through the listings.

If tours like G Adventures’ don’t trip your trigger, resolve to make January the month you get some 2021 adventures on your calendar. It looks like this Covid madness will be under control this year, so get outdoors and rejoice!

Jan 10, 2021

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