All the parts in this series:

Maybe you’re caught in the chaos of the storm from the beginning of this article, 53 miles from home. Or maybe you’re heading back after a weekend at the beach and your main routes are closed from a wildfire. Or maybe you’re driving home from work and see rioters rampaging down the street toward your vehicle.

Wildly different scenarios and over a couple beers we can come up with another 73 plausible nightmares. But you now have your backpack with the gear and training to get home safely, no matter what you face. You’re Ready Rated. Doesn’t that feel good?

We do have a few closing thoughts. This has been a long series, so here are links to the other parts:

  • Introduction
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Medical
  • Survival
  • Utility
  • Lights
  • Defense
  • The bag
  • Organization
  • Checklists

And you can get to the checklists:

We’ve spent nearly 10,000 words explaining our reasoning for what we recommend and why. You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to spend the time thinking about your get-home needs and honestly assessing your skills. Whether you follow our load out exactly or outfit a bag that has nothing in common with it, have good reasons for your decisions.

Finally, keep learning, keep training and keep thinking. Share it all with your family and friends so that--regardless of what they face--they too will be Ready Rated.



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Apr 30, 2022

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