ot content dominating the navigational options for all outdoor activities, Garmin just dropped three really interesting products for the powersports market. If you have an ATV, side-by-side or any sort of off-road rig, it's time to pay attention.

Garmin Tread

It may look like an Overlander or zumo XT, but the Tread has a new trick: group tracking and communication.

Tracking and comms for up to 20 riders. Very cool. Photo courtesy of Garmin.

The Tread comes with a tube mount, preloaded topo maps and more for $799.99. Even better, it comes with the Group Ride Radio that enables the group tracking and comms.

Garmin BC 40 Wireless Camera

Pair the Tread with the new BC 40 (which comes with a tube mount) and you'll have a pretty sweet dash cam setup for better off-road visibility, rear-view scene or whatever, with zero install.

No snaking wires here, this is all wireless. Mount to the cage on your rig and you're ready. Photo courtesy of Garmin.

The BC 40 with the tube mount is $149.99 and is also compatible with a few other Garmin devices. Maybe we'll strap one on the Adventure 790 R and get a rocks-eye view on the zumo XT!

Garmin PowerSwitch

We think this is by far the most interesting announcement because it is 100% outside Garmin's navigational roots and squarely targets a whole new segment of the powersports market: power distribution. It will manage the power for up to six 12-volt accessories (lights, horns, etc.) and let you control them wirelessly from your compatible Garmin device or smartphone.

Now we're waiting for the Garmin turbocharger that will let you adjust boost from your Tread! Photo courtesy of Garmin.

The PowerSwitch runs $499.99 and you could even install four of them and control 24 accessories from the same display. They're pitching these at ATVs and SxSs with the Tread, but it's also compatible with the Overlander, so if you're installing a new light bar or ground light and want to control it pretty conveniently, PowerSwitch + Overlander is a nice combo. (Also compatible with the RV 1090 and RV 890 if you roll that way.)

Adventure Monkey Conclusion

Garmin's strategy becomes clearer with each new product drop: sell a navigational unit specific to every type of activity and then use that screen to control a bunch of other Garmin products. So you'll slap a wireless camera on the front grill of your Taco, wire up your lights to the PowerSwitch, throw your inReach Mini in a cupholder and control them all from the Overlander on your dash. Undoubtedly they'll be coming out with more accessories to connect this way. You'll probably also be controlling it all from your fenix watch too, we're sure.

Mar 11, 2021

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