he adventure trailer manufacturer RKS Off-Road hasn't been on our radar before since they're brand new to the market. But their press release announcing that XGRiD Campers has signed up as their first dealer got us to check them out. We like what we see and we're not surprised XGRiD is giving them a slot on the lot even though they're not an established brand.

Looks quite nice, doesn't it? Photo courtesy of RKS.

We've obviously not had the pleasure of putting one of their trailers through its paces, but they do look like a somewhat unique take on the exploding market for adventure trailers and campers. They have the baseline off-road specs like independent suspension and 32.5" tires. But where they're looking to differentiate themselves is luxury and customization.

For luxury, think full bathroom (including interior shower), queen-sized bed and a 35-square-foot slide-out kitchen with a stainless steel sink.

But what we really like is the customization that RKS is bringing to their trailers, with plans to option them out for specific needs, like hunting or surfing.

Where's the SHTF package, RKS?

There's a downside and it's one you might expect, given the high-end details in their trailers: price. It starts a shade under $50K, which is a premium to many other adventure trailers/campers and even slots above always-pricey Airstream's Basecamp X. But when you're out in the boonies and have to shower outside or would kill for a queen-size bed to crash on, you might regret not stepping up to RKS's Purpose trailer. (RKS has a handy comparison chart showing the Purpose against some competitors, but note that the base price is $39,900 vs. $49,900 everywhere else on their site.)

Go check them out, either online or at XGRiD after March and let us know what you think.

Jan 13, 2021

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