et's say you love the living-offroad lifestyle and gained a small following by blogging and Instagramming about your experiences in your Toyota SunRader. Let's also say that after a bit of this, you get an entrepreneurial itch to drag the classic SunRader into the 21st century, kicking and screaming. What do you do about it?

If you're Matt Linder, you co-found TruckHouse and get to work on creating something that slots between an EarthRoamer and a camper van. And then you share the results of your hard work with the world in 2021, in the form of the BCT:

Certainly looks the part. All photos courtesy of TruckHouse.

Built on a Toyota Tacoma TRD (that you have to buy), the camper makes extensive use of carbon-fiber reinforced composites to result in a claimed 500 pounds. He and co-founder Nicolo Monforte also beef up your Tacoma to make sure you can back up the burly visage when you're behind the wheel.

Starting with the truck, they swap in some 12" long-travel suspension, fabricate a custom 9" rear axle, bolt on fresh 13" brake rotors at all corners and re-gear the front and rear axles (4.88 or 5.29, depending on tires).

Rock-eye view of the upgraded TRD undercarriage

We don't even have photos yet of the interior of the camper they're building, but it sounds pretty posh (and does justify their calling it a "house" instead of a camper): cabover queen bed, induction stove, heating, air conditioning, solar, shower, toilet and more. Heck, they'll even throw in a 32" TV and Xbox if you pay them to.

And speaking of paying them, you'll be doing a lot of that if you want your own BCT. They're still building the prototype to show off at Overland Expo later this year, but they're estimating a cool $285,000 for the base package (Stage I, they call it). If you read the little print at the bottom of their build-out page, you'll see that you have to buy the truck and the $285K estimate is based on a Tacoma TRD Sport. Stepping up to a TRD Pro and TruckHouse's Stage III kit (which you'll have to do if you want the TV, premium audio and Xbox) will put you over $380K.

Yes, that's a lot of coin, especially for a startup-built rig. In fact, you could buy 25 good-shape SunRaders for your $380K. But if Matt and Nicolo can pull it off, the BCT will take you much farther and in more comfort. And life's too short to spend it in the garage, patching 40-year fiberglass. Better to spend it far from asphalt in a BCT.

No better way to end the article than with a pic of their dog Lola. Oh, and the truck. And the founders, I guess. But mostly Lola.
Jan 15, 2021

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