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The Untold Secret to Ensure You Never Get Lost

Never get lost again, thanks to four little letters: P, A, C and E

The 7 Terms You Need to Know for Off-Road Navigation

How many do you really know?

What Is GPS and How Does It Work?

The mystery of GPS satellite tracking explained.

Monkey Essentials: A Good Down Jacket = Anywhere Warmth

A good down jacket should be a staple in your adventure kit, thanks to unmatched warmth, light weight and compressibility.

Monkey Essentials: The Grayl Geopress Is the Best Water Purifier

Only one water purifier combines supreme effectiveness, multi-adventure usefulness and why-not-get-a-few affordability: Grayl. It's an Adventure Monkey Essential item.

Lumens Don't Matter

The best flashlight depends on your needs, but there's one thing that you can ignore: lumens. Here's what does matter.

Garmin Buys GEOS to Better Save Your Skin

A satellite communicator like Garmin's InReach is only as good as the crew that responds to your SOS. From now on, that crew will also be Garmin.